Time to Pivot

Monique Castillo |

It’s been a good run

Time to pivot from the fun

Like bell-bottom jeans that graced many an artist cover album

That fashion icon hit a time too when it was finally spun

We’re just entering the final quarter of the year and it’s going to be more important than ever to lend your ear to the good news because bad news sells more.  Among the din of this week with markets falling in the US and abroad, we’re having strong earnings and profit reports coming in.  The US economy is still expected to finish the year even higher than last year, continuing an incredible 8 year plus climb up. 

While news outlets may have one believing rising interest rates provoked by the Fed is causing the trouble, it is actually a sign that our healthy growing economy can handle it.  I would assert that if the Feds backed off of their previously announced plan to raise rates by a notch (0.25%), markets would be rattled in a very negative way because they would be tipping their hand that they perhaps see trouble that the average investor doesn’t.  Remember when your parents thought you were ready for your training wheels to come off?  That was a vote of confidence in that ‘you got this’! 

So, just as one had to eventually give up their beloved bell-bottom pants and replace it with a new fashion – that’s what my conversations have been about all through this summer with clients and continue to be so.  Time to look for new emerging shoots to place in our portfolio.  Let’s make time for the conversation.