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Every individual is unique and has a different set of financial priorities. I can help you map out the way to reach your goals.

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Choosing an advisor is a personal decision with far reaching implications. See how I can help you get to higher ground.


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"A lot of what I do for my clients is centered around setting goals and addressing challenges.  As we accomplish financial goals set, we celebrate and determine how to take it to the next level.  I work with my clients to identify possible options and select the one that best addresses their situation.

Whatever chapter of life you are in, I'd like to help you take it to the next level - attain higher ground.  Let's get started."

 - Monique Castillo  

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Financial Journal

You could be earning a 13.9% bonanza like those running the stretch this year. Some of my long-term readers may remember I originally posted this financial strategy in February 2018 when I shared a story of how I nutritionally prepared myself for a heavy-laden run in Tibet where the high altitude has low oxygen levels which make running difficult. Well, the Social Security Administration has just announced an increase of 5.9% to Social Security income...