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"A lot of what I do for my clients is centered around setting goals and addressing challenges.  As we accomplish financial goals set, we celebrate and determine how to take it to the next level.  I work with my clients to identify possible options and select the one that best addresses their situation.

Whatever chapter of life you are in, I'd like to help you take it to the next level - attain higher ground.  Let's get started."

 - Monique Castillo  

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Financial Journal

Does your current repayment plan fit your current financial picture? Are you a parent with a parent plus loan? Do you know the new options to consider so you can plan for a secure retirement? Have you married or divorced during the National Forbearance? How does this update impact you? Do you know if you will be taxed for any loan forgiveness? Do you know what happens if you miss your annual recertification date for your plan?
My trip to see my old Canadian friend Wendy, now living in Nice, France was so replenishing. The French have not over-hyped their foods, they have found that balance between looking and tasting delicious. The architecture and the landscape views were also a visual delight for me. She has achieved a wonderful balance between living her present dreams while planning for her future.
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This bear market we are in has just roared. For those who turned the shake-up of the pandemic into making time for proactive planning, they should remain calm and reassured.