A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Monique Castillo |

John F. Kennedy shared this phrase many moons ago but here in 2024, it still rings true.  This week the market waited with bated breath to hear the earnings of one company that is perceived to be the leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Its earnings report beat the market’s already inflated expectations, having tripled its income.  However, that one company’s report brought in a tide that lifted the markets globally with many companies seeing a rise in their stock price too.  Now picture yourself in a boat lifted by the tide along with others but you know you have been putting off some needed repairs – it’s time to get busy, right?


At one conference I attended this year, an economist likened the impact of AI on the growth of business potential to the onset of the Internet becoming available to households.  After the Internet became widely accessible, new business lines came into being and over the following decade the S&P500 index more than doubled itself, even with the dot-com bust factored in.  At a college fair I attended with one of my children, a speaker enlightened the parent assembly that there will be career paths upon our children’s graduation that did not exist when they started college four years prior.  


2024 is shaping up to be a year of both enlightenment and reckoning.  I am rolling out new services this year to help folks with optimizing their tax bracket and navigating student loan debt pay-down strategies.  I encourage you to take the time to see what needs to be shored up to make sure your financial boat is sea-worthy.  Help is here but one needs to make time for the conversation – hop on my calendar and let’s get planning.