Expression of Love for our Fellow Man

Monique Castillo |

How can you help from your station in life?  This past year’s tragedies opened the eyes of many to the silent suffering of those marginalized in our society.  While the news cameras may have focused on the physical moments captured during the social and racial justice movement, what I saw was an outpouring of love and concern for one’s fellow man.  So many people in so many corners of our nation – and subsequently in other countries around the world – left the safety of their homes during a pandemic and took to the streets to show their empathic support for equitable treatment.  Across the country, feet on the street representing such a variety of age, gender and ethnicity were pushing further the ideal of all men are created equal and what that should look like in our society.

When love is behind the rallying cry, I find it awe-inspiring to see how much courage can be summoned in people.  The Wall of Moms subsequently flanked by the Wall of Veterans absolutely filled my heart – these mothers backed by seniors together unified by their love and concern for their fellow man facing off armed operatives equipped with tear gas and worst.  It reminds me of the Aseop’s fable of the contest between the wind and the sun to determine who was stronger by seeing who could get the coat off of a man walking.  The wind blew hard, as hard as he could, but it only resulted in the man clasping his coat harder around him.  The sun came out and smiled upon him, warming the man and off came his coat. 

As our nation enters a new chapter with the need to rally together and face our inequities, it can bolster us to remember that love is so much more powerful than hate.  The violence and expression of hate at our nation’s Capitol did not even rally 100K people, a mere fraction of the Million+ people who showed up for causes in support of equality in recent history.  I see this as an ‘all hands on deck’ moment for our country and a need to ask ourselves in what way can I contribute.