Delivery or Curbside Pickup?

Monique Castillo |

When a vendor offers you the choice of Delivery or Curbside pick-up, what is the deciding factor on which you will choose?  Usually time, right?  If we want it faster than the stated delivery time, we will come to pick it up ourselves.  Germany just commissioned its fifth ship, called Floating Regasification Units, to pick up liquefied natural gas from countries around the world1.  It is perhaps feeling the urgency of time before winter approaches as it realizes the downside of an over-reliance of Russia for meeting its energy needs.  Europe has overtaken China as the biggest purchaser of our natural gas and it appears Germany is opting for curbside pickup over delivery.  With energy supplies becoming tighter, this may end up being quite a proactive wise move. 

How do you handle those reflective moments in life where you acknowledge there may have been an error in judgment or change in life conditions where you need to make a change?  Do you try to make up for lost time?  Do you re-strategize so you can access timely what you will need in the future like Germany sending out ships to build up its energy supply?  

I often walk my clients through the difference between a plan and a strategy.  Life can throw curveballs at our well-thought-out plans.  I try to encourage my clients to not beat themselves up over what they did not foresee and reassure themselves that if they knew what they know now, they likely would have made a different plan.  What is best is to focus on a strategy that factors in the updated conditions and has a higher chance of success.   Re-strategizing can be invigorating and uplifting as you update your goals too in contrast to the lamenting that a thwarted plan can produce.  So put your energy into what keeps you motivated and moving forward. 


1 UBS House View, October 2022, p. 8.